Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning

So this post is a recommendation really. I have started taking some online drawing courses. I’m of the mind that you never really stop learning and you can always better yourself in some way. I’m always soaking up how-to books and youtube videos on various topics. The wealth of information that people have shared on the internet is the only reason I have never been to school for art or graphic design. I am so appreciative of those that share their talent with us all to learn from.

So with that said, I just started taking courses at Paris Christou is the instructor on the video lessons and is an amazing teacher!  I have learned so much just from my first course!  His instruction helped me refine my sketching process and my clip art is already stronger for it. Here’s a quick sketch comparison for you.

See what I mean! I am planning to take as many of his courses as I can and branch out into other courses from other websites as well. I will share those once I take them! I figure I can’t be the only one that likes to learn!  I know a lot of you might not be interested in drawing, but if I can inspire you to take courses on something that you are passionate about then all the better!

Thanks so much for checking this out and thanks for reading!

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