About Me

My name is Lisa Moore and I’m the artist behind Keepin’ It Kawaii.  I started my artistic career over a decade ago in the Comic Book industry.  I’m going to start by detailing that here a bit for you and then I will close with how this whole Clip Art thing came to be!

I started my career in 2007 I believe, I stumbled into a job that I absolutely adored.  I feel so blessed to have been involved in the industry for as long as I have been.  My entire comic career I was a Colorist.  To explain a bit, comic books require a team of artists to complete.  Each book usually has 5 or 6 people involved.  There is the writer, then the artist, inker, colorist, letterer and usually an editor to round out the whole thing.

I started out as an assistant to several other colorists in the business.  Basically just doing some steps that saved them time.  After a couple years of that, I began doing the entire coloring process myself.  I was lucky enough to work on some Licensed properties that I absolutely adore.  My first major coloring job was for the Darkwing Duck comic from Boom! Studios.  I am a huge Disney nerd so working for them in any capacity was such a dream fulfilled.  Over the years I was able to work on other favorites of mine such as Care Bears, Garfield, Peanuts (I am a such a huge fan of Charles Schulz that this is my absolute favorite project to date!), and Bravest Warriors.

In 2015 I started a Small Press Comic Book company with my favorite person, Brant Fowler.  Pictured above.  We are still working on this dream and releasing what I think are some fantastic comics.  Don’t believe me?  Check us out!  The company is called Last Ember Press.  I am able to stretch my comic coloring, inking and writing muscles over at LEP.

That brings me to now July 2017.  While I love the Comic Book industry and adore the work we do at LEP I was starting to feel a need to stretch into a role that fits who I am now.  Comics are a difficult industry with really tough deadlines.  There is also the fact that everything I work on, while fun, isn’t my own creation.  So while I enjoy the work, certain aspects of the job began to lose the appeal they once had.  While Brant and I were doing the local comic convention circuit the past couple of years for Last Ember Press I began drawing a bit.  Mainly for merchandise for our table, usually just cute super hero stickers (They turned into some of our most popular items!).  I loved it, but in the end, I was still drawing other peoples characters.

So why Clip-Art?  Well, that’s an easy answer.  I wanted to use my art to create things that will help people other people have an easier time designing.  I have been a designer in some capacity for as long as I can remember.  I know how valuable good art is and what a difference it can make for the product you want to produce.  So while that is a factor, the biggest one is that my sister is a teacher.  She gave me the idea to start up a store on TeachersPayTeachers.com.  It was the best idea anyone could have given me.  I had no idea that teachers were using this fantastic platform to create a second income for themselves.  Teaching is such a hard job, I am so proud of what my sister accomplishes every day.  That isn’t my calling, but art is.  So if I can use my art to in turn help other teachers like my sister, that makes my job so much more rewarding.  So not only am I helping Teachers, but my work is begin used to teach kids.  I cannot think of anything better!

With Keepin’ It Kawaii I stretch my artistic muscles in ways I have never been able to before.  I am learning so much already and this journey has just begun!