Backyard Cookout Clipart, Backyard BBQ Clip Art by Lisa Moore

Backyard Cookout Clipart, Backyard BBQ Clip Art

Time for the Backyard Cookout and the introduction of the parents! I designed an older version of my characters for this set. Seemed appropriate that little children would not be handling the BBQ. :) I hope you like how it all turned out. I'm really proud of this one!

^^^^^ What's Included? ^^^^^

Included with this set are 30 clip art images in total. 10 unique images supplied in both Color, Flat Color and Black and White.

Included are:

♦ #1 Dad
♦ Mom with Burgers
♦ BBQ Pit
♦ Kids at a Picnic Table
♦ Chef Kid
♦ BBQ Food
♦ Lots of Drinks
♦ Backyard Tree
♦ Kid Playing Football
♦ Mustard and Ketchup Fight!

You will receive 10 Full Color 300 DPI PNG files on a transparent background + 10 Black and White 300 DPI PNG files.

The Black and White Clipart has a transparent background with the image filled with white. Makes layering a breeze!

What's included?

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28.8 MB