Cute Lemonade Stand Themed Clip Art Set by Lisa Moore

Cute Lemonade Stand Themed Clip Art Set

The lemonade stand themed clip art set is here! It features cute kids, lemon trees, and all of the ingredients to create your own fantastic Lemonade themed resources.

^^^^^ What's Included? ^^^^^

Included with this set are 33 clip art images in total. 11 unique images supplied in both Color, Flat Color and Black and White.

Included are:

♦ Girl In Lemonade Stand
♦ Lemon Tree
♦ Lemons
♦ Sugar
♦ Girl Looking Through Lemonade
♦ Pitcher of Lemonade
♦ Kids at Bistro Table
♦ Girl Holding Lemonade
♦ Boy Drinking Lemonade
♦ Empty Lemonade Stand
♦ Girl Picking Lemons

You will receive 11 Full Color 300 DPI PNG files on a transparent background + 10 Black and White 300 DPI PNG files.

The Black and White Clipart has a transparent background with the image filled with white. Makes layering a breeze!

What's included?

File Icon 1 file

35.1 MB