Kids with Pets Cute Clip Art Collection by Lisa Moore

Kids with Pets Cute Clip Art Collection

This cute kids with pets collection was created out of a moment of inspiration a few weeks ago, I just got the itch to draw kids with their pets. Included are a boy and his dog, a girl and her cat, a boy and his goldfish, a girl and her snake, and a boy and his turtle. Animal lovers rejoice! :)

This set includes 36 Clip Art Images. 12 Unique images in 3 different finishes. First is the standard coloring style, second is a bold flat color with black outlines and third is the whole collection in Black and White.

The second coloring style features black outlines with flat colors.

The Black and White Clipart has a transparent background with the image filled with white. Makes layering a breeze! 

What's included?

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