Mythical Unicorns Clip Art Collection by Lisa Moore

Mythical Unicorns Clip Art Collection

Have a completely magical time with this set of pretty rainbow-colored unicorns. Growing up my favorite color was purple, so I made that the dominant color for this set. I think it works well and there are a lot of cute accessories to go along with these guys. Rainbows, hearts, crowns, bows, and stars!

This set is also available in my Mythical Creatures Mini Bundle, if you like this one and are interested in more like it then you should check that out before buying!

This set includes 51 Clip Art Images. 17 Unique images in 3 different finishes. First is the standard coloring style, second is a bold flat color with black outlines and third is the whole collection in Black and White.

The second coloring style features black outlines with flat colors.

The Black and White Clipart has a transparent background with the image filled with white. Makes layering a breeze! 

What's included?

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